View Full Version : Will this Power-Lok work in Dana 60 Rearend?

June 18th, 2013, 12:22 AM
Hi, I'm looking for someone that either knows about rear ends or can tell me where or who to ask?

I recently came across this Power-Lok case and want to know if it will replace/work in my Dana 60 rear end that is currently in my truck (1966 GMC 4sp 8 lug 3/4ton 2wd)? I have pictures, and also want to know what the best thing/product would be to use for cleaning it up?
The numbers on the side of the power-lok case are:
2 20 6(smaller size) with a possible partial Z at the end of the stamp
and 21494X. The numbers on the ring gear on this case are: 8 2 65 Dana 30360 A3(0 or D)3 41-10

I have taken off my cover on my current rear end to see what was in it. I resealed it up and put in new Gear lube that I may strain and reuse unless advised otherwise.
There is one set of matching numbers from both ring gears so that's making me think it may work. The numbers displayed on the Ring Gear: 5 7 66 Dana 30360 A3D60 41-10
The part of the matching aspect are: Dana 30360 skip a set of numbers and 41-10(I know this is the gear ratio number)

I want to change out the Ring and Pinion from 4.10 to 3.54 gears to get the engine speed lower. I acquired another rear end from a 73 ford truck that has 3.54 gears in it. I will swap gears & pinions between these rear ends. I was also told to remove the entire rear end when I do the case with ring & pinion swap to make access much easier (I'll be doing this in my drive way).

I'm also not sure how to post pics here or if it needs to be done on another site and insert a link.

Thanks in advance, this will be my first case and ring & Pinion swap that I have done. Just like me to find something to add onto the load and make it more complicated. I'm also trying to do my home work before I take my truck out of working order...

June 18th, 2013, 03:56 AM
The numbers are manufacture date probably 2-20-65. A 4.10 or 41-10 ring and pinion uses the same carrier as a 3.54. this is a 3 series carrier. The 73 ford d60 ring and pinion will work fine. BUT the pinion spline MAY be different. late 60's early 70's ford are somewhat odd. transitions and cost led to some weird stuff. My guess is a 19 spline carrier and a 29 spline pinion. GMC are usually 30 spline carrier and 10 spline pinion. SOOOO Use the ford r-p and the yoke if it is a 1350 size joint. It may be a 1330 size. If it is a 1330 go to a parts shop and get a 1350 29 spline yoke. They are about 35.00, new from spicer.

June 18th, 2013, 04:21 PM
I cant help with the gears, but i can tell you how to post pics. Theres two ways.

One, do like I do and upload them to tinypic.com or windypix.com and copy the link they give you afterward that reads "Facebook, bulletin board, forum" or something. It looks like this without the space by the "g" [im g]http://www.somewhere.com/mypicture.jpg[/im g]

Paste it anywhere in your message and hit enter. Thats it.

Two you can do it as an attachment by clicking the reply button then clicking the paperclip icon (right by Fonts). Upload them there and they show up in the bottom of your post.