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April 28th, 2014, 05:03 AM
So I was having some lighting problems in my 66 GMC C15 last year and decided that instead of patching up the nasty ball of wires the last guy taped together that I would save myself the headache and buy a Painless harness. Come to find out that name is pretty misleading. I got the vehicle specific harness for a 63-66 GMC/Chevy truck and found out that it is FAR from specific. I followed the instructions to the letter and when I got around to doing all my ops checks it was a **** nightmare. The first pain I ran into was the steering column plug. I realize that alot of folks like to upgrade the column on these trucks to the 80s style but one would figure on a 63-66 specific harness they would come with the right plugs prewired....WRONG! It had the newer flat style connecter instead of the double horse shoe thingy. I put it together with the old style connecter (again following the instructions and diaghram) and when I tested out the turn signal switch (also new) the left blinker made the horn go off and there were absolutly no lights in the back of the truck. The wiper switch was also a different style of wiring than my set up as well as the heater wiring. Luckly I had just purchased a new Power Probe (if you dont have one you really should) and it saved my ***** trouble shooting the entire harness. I ended up having to completely disect the lighting harness and resoldering everything into the correct positions to make it all work. Take my advice and if you plan on buying a harness just get the universal one. The extra money for the specific one is robbery.:pullinghairout:

May 11th, 2014, 04:33 AM
I used a simple one from American Autowire (http://www.americanautowire.com/view-product/highway-15-complete-wiring-system/) and had good results.

it has enough circuits for my needs and I did use the original steering column and had to reuse the original plugs but it all worked as they used the same color wires as the factory wiring.

I highly recommend them

May 11th, 2014, 04:36 AM
Day late and a dollar short.....If I ever rewire another vehicle I know where to look though