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March 19th, 2015, 11:01 AM
Good Morning, Guys

I've been reading the different threads and builds, learning and gaining
ideas as I go. The info back and forth has been awesome. I have figured
out several issues from just reading and not repeating old questions, Thanks.
I took my 65 Cheby 1/2t short step (last time I'll repeat that one) and flat
trailer out to Hendersonville, NC and picked up the 1502 series cab/chassiss
I found on CL. Logic says I should have run the 85 dually, but it needs the
carb fine tuned, or stop every 90 miles loaded, for a fuel stop. Not happening!
Truck has short wheelbase and 250 I6/New Process 4 speed/3.73 gears. Only
2 fuel stops vs many with the dually.
Loaded the 1502 backwards, balanced it up, and headed back to Wilmington, NC. Loading the truck facing front left the hitch about 6" from the ground, so
it rode backwards. I have pics, just need to learn posting better. The local
lawmen didn't see any reason to talk to me, so that made for a quiet run.
Looked good rolling down Rt 40! Warmed the manual drum brakes up going
over Black Mountain, thought about using the truck ramp at one point, but
kept on rolling. A 9 hour run with a couple short stops to correct the clutch
Looked at the truck better the next day. '65 GMC cab/chassis with 65 doors
flat hood and fenders/grill. Looks like the frame was stretched at one time. wheelbase is now around 165". A 305e/sm420/Dana 60 with 4.10's and 16"
split rims on the back, one piece dually wheels on the front. Found 4 one piece wheels and 6 215/85/16 Discover tires on CL, $400 put them on the
Magnum 60 HD shocks went on the back, take off's from the short step
when I put overload shocks on it for hauling. I'll take this one to a different
forum shortly.
1502 has 8 lugs front and rear and 8 leaf springs, 5 leaf overload packs. Thinking about 2.5" lowering shackles to bring the back down a little.
Plan on pulling the cover and counting gear teeth to verify the tag, and change out to 3.54's if the 4.10's are still there.
Rebuilding the front end, all new cross shafts, ball joints spindles, power
disc brakes and steering linkages, Magnum 60 HD shocks, etc. CPP has a
8 lug kit to do it all.
The cab has rust up in the rain gutter that we all love sooo much! Found
the parts truck in the background of a CL listing out by Laurinberg, NC. No
doors hood bed eng/trans. Just cab, fenders, grill support and suspension,
with misc. small stuff inside. Lucky Me, there was 2 awesome white hood
badges on the floor. Yeah, Buddy! The floor is tissue paper thin and holy,
but the top is just surface rust. Came with a chrome front bumper, if ya'll
might need one. I'm staying with painted bumpers. The floor of the 1502
has factory holes only that I've found so far. Picked up a pair of doors that
need the bottoms done, but are in better shape than what came on the truck.
Oh, Yeah, the parts truck has the original AM radio in it. Maybe get it working and put it in the ramptruck.
I'll put a list of misc parts in Marketplace that I won't be using from the 1000 in the next day or so.
Cleaned the dist. cap and put new points/condenser in, new plugs, hot battery and some gas down the carb and it started to fire. The carb had been
rebuilt by the temp PO, so adjusted it and replaced the fuel pump fired it up.
Got a complete gasket set from RockAuto and pair of PCV's to put in before running it much more. Found a plug loose in the threads that had me thinking
about a engine rebuild before I needed to.
So now the plan is the Holley 500 CFM, PertronixII and coil and the dual
exhaust from the parts truck for now. The existing exhaust wraps around
the front of the pan and is rusted in many places, so total replacement is needed. Alternator was swapped in but don't think it is charging. Not a
problem. Alternator Specialties in town usually rebuilds while I wait for low$.
Or pull one off my shelf.
Gaskets where needed, grease and new u-joints, fresh gear oils and the bottom of the truck should be good to go for a while, with gas and brake
lines replaced, due to age.
Thinking about the Watson/Brownie box addition if I can get my hands on
The cab is turquoise blue under the flat orange paint, probably applied when the cheby sheetmetal was installed. Go with white on the roof, flat 69 hugger
orange everywhere else. Rebuild the seat with new foam, fuel tank if needed. Dash looks good, not cut up, gauge cluster is sweet. Steering wheel
is in real decent shape with the original horn button in place.
I have a Hodge bed to bolt down on the back, to carry the short step when
I finish it's build for auto crossing. The bed will fit nicely with the stretched
frame of the 1502.
LED lights all around with appropriate resistors should work, let me see with the best of the new cars, ya know?
All right, pics say more than words, but I don't have the pics right now, so
sorry for the book. Kept it short as I know how. Must have been all the reports I did in the USCG, early in my lifetime. More on this one later.