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MoscowMule April 4th, 2022 01:28 AM

Need 305E camshaft,bearings,lifters
Okay so I got some bad news today.I pulled the camshaft cover off my 305E motor today. Found out it has a broken camshaft bearing.After removing the cam noticed it has a flat lobe on the cam.
I may have a hook up on a used cam and lifters reasonable.He also has a complete 305
for $350 that ran when parked.Which doesn't mean anything cause mine ran good no noise,smoke. Wouldn't have known it had any issues if I wouldn't have pulled it to clean it up and change gaskets. I would rather go new if anyone makes one anymore.
Either way I go I need cam bearings for sure.Does anyone know who sells a camshaft,lifters,bearings?
I have gaskets,rings,timing chain all new already bought for this motor so would really like to keep it.
If I can't find parts I'm afraid I may have to put a LS in it that I have already.
Please help me find parts.
Thanks Moscow Mule

FetchMeAPepsi April 4th, 2022 02:25 AM

Re: Need 305E camshaft,bearings,lifters
Do you need the lifters etc or can you get a machine shop to just grind you up a new shaft? I don't remember exactly, but it seems like you can have them resurfaced or have new ones ground at machine shops if you have the original.

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