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Paul in Nola April 18th, 2013 07:34 PM

Replacement parking brake cable for 1961
The following is an account of my experiences replacing a front parking brake cable on a 61 GMC Short Bed.
Upon receiving my Front Parking Brake Cable from LMC Truck (ordered Monday afternoon, arrived late Wednesday or very early Thursday with regular shipping), part #34-3816, $49, $10 shipping, I first compared it with the old one I had removed on Monday for Length. Seemed to be the same or close enough. Next I checked the yoke where it pins to the Hand Brake lever. Was very tight so a bent it a smidgen and it fit well. Next checked the inside bracket that holds the cable housing in place and the clamp needed to be opened up a little which I did and again made fit. Same for the outside one that bolts to the frame. I then went to the threaded end of the cable and since no nuts were supplied with the cable tried the ones I removed. One went on with a little oil and I worked it back & forth so it was finger loose the whole length. The other locked up within 2 thread lengths and was really beat from removal. I went to Harry's Ace Hardware and using the good one to measure found that it was a 5/16X24 pitch which is a odd size that Harry's didn't carry. I found a automotive stud that had one end 5/16X24 that my good nut fit and got that to use as a chase and also got a longer 5/16 bolt to hold the outside cable housing holder where it bolts to the frame as I had to open the clamp so much to get the housing into the clamp that the original bolt left me no room to start the nut. Back at my house I put the stud in my vise, started the bad nut and with lots of oil worked it back and forth until free. When I put it on the threaded end of the cable it was still not finger loose so I worked it back and forth again the full length of the threaded end of the cable. Still not as loose as I would like but would have to do. After doing all these things I began to install it and it went fairly easily, but would have gone a lot better if the nuts had been supplied with the new cable as they are such a odd size and it did cost $50. All back together and seems to work fine! Really the nuts should be supplied as anybody is going to really beat up the old ones getting them off. I sprayed mine with Blaster penetrating oil and also wire brushed them prior to removal and they still came hard and took awhile to get off and the one ended up knurled in the process.

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