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donker1988 January 4th, 2016 10:12 PM

Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Hi..My name is Junior.I have a '65 Gmc I-1000 series pickup.I'm looking for a fuel pump to carb fuel line..Already made up.Found one on Classic Industries..But they state on model year 1964.Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

Junior Gregory Jr

AZKen January 4th, 2016 10:44 PM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Go to O'Reilly's, buy one of their pre-made fuel lines with fittings already on and bend to suit. They have about 8 different lengths of 5/16 or 3/8 steel line. You may or may not need adaptor fittings for pump or carb. A bender is cheap. Use a coat hanger or equiv for a mock up pattern. Practice on some old tubing. Piece of cake, way cheap. I do this all the time for fuel and brake lines except a complete restore, then I buy bulk line and fittings and flare and bend. What motor? Summit has pre made lines but did not know what 6 cyl you have in there.

donker1988 January 5th, 2016 12:01 AM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
I have the 230.Do you know of a difference between the 64 and 65 model year? Did they have the 230 in '64? I just don't understand why they don't have a '65??!!

GMCDAC January 5th, 2016 12:28 AM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Hi Junior, welcome from the Black Hills. How about an introduction and pics?

I have a mid sixties 230 in my '55 GMC. Was never able to determine exactly what year it is. If you are looking at a line that says its for a 250 that should fit your 230 fine. If the listing says it fits a 292 that won't work on your engine without bending it around a bunch. I don't remember what year the 230 was started and discontinued. It may be possible the line you are looking at may be for a 235 which was discontinued around that time and probably won't fit. The line on mine was a piece like AZKen spoke of but I do have an inline filter cut into it.


AZKen January 5th, 2016 06:17 AM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Same Part number as Classic Tube
So no matter where you buy it, it will be drop shipped from them.

donker1988 January 5th, 2016 05:33 PM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Thanks Guys! Will look into these.

TJ's GMC January 5th, 2016 06:54 PM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Any pump to carb fuel line from a 60's 230 or 250 from a Chevy or GMC should fit. They all had the same pump in the same location and all had a 1 barrel carb. The 292's pump is in the middle of the block so the line would be longer. I'd prefer to buy a straight piece of fuel line and bend it to how I like it. Sometimes pre-bent lines will not fit properly.

AZKen January 5th, 2016 10:54 PM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
BTW: O'Reilly's has a free loaner tube bender.

Praxiss454 August 15th, 2016 01:25 AM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Anyone have a picture of correct fuel line routing for these trucks? PO routed mine out of the carb and directly across the top of the valve cover. I'd like to redo it to be less stupid, and if I'm gonna redo it, might as well make it close to factory.

snazzypig August 16th, 2016 05:03 AM

Re: Fuel Line from to Carb From Pump
Suggest you use NiCopp tubing. Very easy to bend and flare. Don't have a picture, but if you look at some of the picture albums on this site you will see how it's routed.

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