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Default Hub Leak

Hey Guys, I would appreciate your perspective on this. About a month or so ago, I opened up the front hubs on my truck as I was searching for locking hubs that fit. I have not installed the new hubs yet. From the start Iíve had a slow leak of gear oil from the passenger side hub. It forms a puddle about the size of a silver dollar each day, which has been consistent. Because of the quantity, I assume this gear oil is coming from the differential and not the closed knuckle. There is very slight weeping from the ball seal on the knuckle. The truck is 60 years old and it doesnít look like the front axle has ever been serviced (Dana 44-5f). Iím thinking I should do a complete refresh of all seals and repack the bearings. WDYT? Am I creating unnecessary work for myself? The truck has under 15k on it.
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