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Default Re: Interesting Article

The Toro-Flow was much better thought of by drivers and mechanics than the later Detroit 8.2L Fuel Pincher. When drivers and mechanics get talking about Best and Worst engines, the 8.2L is always the First worst engine named.

Think the one I drove was in a 1982 F-700 Ford single axle semi-tractor, ran local delivery and eventually drove between Moline, Ill and Des Moines, Iowa and back every night. Engine did pinch the fuel really well, got 7 mpg pulling empty 45 ft 13-6 high trailer, typically loaded with 10,000# to 15,000# or a bit more coming home. But just could not keep it running on all 8 cylinders for more than a couple weeks, would drop one, then two, then three and four cylinders. By then your terminal velocity was in the single digits bobtailing!
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