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Default Re: 1964 GMC Model 1002 build journal

Back for another report:
Yesterday spent the day removing the damaged front cross-member and the four rivets that once secured it to the frame, I attached a picture of that mangled mess. I'm going to have the radiator pressure checked just because it was knocked out of its lower hangers. It is a nice three core and it looks like it has escaped carnage. Speaking of carnage, I found some more damage by the drain plug, the oil pan has been pushed it, and probably was the reason somebody broke the cross-member trying to unstick the truck in the past. There was a small hole in the pan and somebody in the past had ran a sheet metal screw into the hole with a piece of rubber. The drain plug couldnt be remove unless the sheet metal screw was removed first, probably the reason the oil was as black as I ever had seen before. Because of this, I'm sure the oil hadn't been changed since Christ was a child. I will have to hunt me down another oil pan.
Anyway the goal is to get all these things sorted out before I put it on the road and see what else needs to be done. Next week I will be dropping the oil out of the SM420 and Dana/Spicer 44. Then after welding the hole in the pan, I'm checking brakes then it is top side for tune up/valve adjust/compression test and new coolant. A big shout out of thanks to Cliff (LizziesmeistersV6) for sending me a correct air cleaner. BTW, if any of you GMC guys need a sm420 rebuilt, I'm up here in the pacific northwest, my home shop is setup to go through these, would be willing to trade labor for some parts I might be needing in the future. I always have one ready to go.
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