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Default Re: Jethro's 1964 I1000

It was right before Labor day weekend and I really wanted to drive the old truck some. Just had to button up a couple things on Fri. Of course it took longer than I planned. The insurance is "suspended" so I didn't have to pay but a couple bucks a month while I've been working on her. They closed before I got there.

Seeing as I couldn't drive without insurance I figgered I'd spend some time on some small bits. Like the ignition switch. A p-o had installed a universal switch from Ace Hardware and I didn't like it. The key looked like it fit a padlock and it was ****-eyed in the dash. I had one from LMS.

When I removed the switch from the dash I just reached up behind instead of crawling under cause I'm old and don't bend well. Not sure what it looked like before I moved it but there were wires not connected and all but the pink one came off in my hand.
Here's what it looked like. The brn/white and red both fell off about 2 seconds later.

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