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Well, I FINALLY got something DONE.

The driver's side front end is complete! Well, minus the shock. Anyway, I figured it has been while since I updated though I have still been posting videos on the youtube channel, so this seemed like a good time to do that.

I will post a parts list once I order the drinker's side parts. I'll look around to see if there is a better place to post it though so people could theoretically just do a complete front end for a 1960 GMC 1500 from the list if they wanted.

The reason I am waiting until I get the other side is because I am trying a different lower control arm than the one I got for the driver's side. The one I got for the driver's side was from 'performance online' and was $245. The reason I went with it is because the picture of it showed the conical seals and bushings that the original had and I had gotten burned by ordering one that 'looked' like the original shaft but the seals didn't. Anyway, the one I got for $245 was the right shaft but had the squared off seals and bushings anyway! It didn't make a lick of difference for the fit though so, great, it fits...but it cost TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTY FIVE BUCKS! On the other hand, Summit Racing has one it swears is for the '60 1500 that is $90 for a pair of them! It's worth a shot. Worst case, I have to send them back and order the $245 one.

So, if this works out, my list will be $331 (rounded up) which includes tax and shipping, per side. If I end up having to order the expensive shaft again, it will be $573 per side. As noted I haven't put shocks on it yet. Though, to even it out I DID do all the steering except the rag joint. I found a set of shocks in stock at the local O'reilly for $43 each so just hadn't bothered yet.

That's it for now
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