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Default Re: "Papa Smurf" - 1966 GMC 1500 Custom

That's a big ol' alternator! Probably robs a lot of hp as well...

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Kind of wondering why it overheats? My 305 never goes above thermostat temperature. Is the radiator plugged?
Radiator isn't plugged to my knowledge. I believe the overheating issue is due to lack of airflow through the radiator. My truck has a SBC 350 in it. The SBC is way smaller than the 305 V6 so it sits further back in the engine bay. The PO put a fan spacer in, but the fan still sits pretty far away from the radiator. There is no shroud to help direct airflow, and there is a giant gap in the engine bay.

Basically, the cooling fan wasn't doing much besides stirring up dust. The truck did cool down a bit if I drove it, but not by much.
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