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Default Re: "Papa Smurf" - 1966 GMC 1500 Custom

Progress update. Fans, alternator, and cooling neck/sensor have been installed. Wiring is going in and I am also upgrading the headlights, marker lights, tail lights, and reverse lights.

Installing the fans was super simple. I just used some aluminum L brackets that I had lying around. Drilled some holes in the radiator shroud and the fan shroud, then bolted them in. The HVAC tape is to seal the gaps. I want the fans to pull air through the radiator, not around it. The fans and coolant sensor have all been wired in to the relay kit. All that is left to do is to hook it up to the Painless wiring harness.

Speaking of wiring, the mess of wires that you see is surprisingly organized. Painless does a great job of labeling and binding everything together. Right now I'm working on getting the wires routed the way I want. Then I will wrap them in split tube and secure them before I start making connections. I am also working on a few upgrades to lighting first.

The headlights I'm installing are the Colorshift lights from Oracle. You can see the difference between stock lights and the Oracle lights. There is an LED ring around the edge that I can control with my phone. I can make it almost any color/pattern that I want. Should help my truck stand out even more. In addition to that, the bulbs are being upgraded to LED. They still use the same H4 connectors though. The only mods needed to make these headlights fit are some mods to the buckets. Little bit of cutting and drilling (as shown in the last photo). So far I have two buckets done. They're taking me about an hour a piece. I'm trying to go slow so I don't ruin them entirely. In the even that I do mess up, a lot of these parts are available aftermarket. Even the headlight adjusters are easy to get (most of mine are broken. 56 year old plastic is very easy to break).

Besides that, I have some sequential LED tail lights. No mods needed for that. It plugs right into the original harness. Same with my LED reverse lights.

Lastly, I am installing clear lenses on my marker lights. The bulbs are being replaced with LED switchbacks. If you don't know, a switchback bulb is solid white when the power is constant. When power is "pulsed" (when a blinker is turned on) the bulb will change to orange and will flash. My marker lights will function as both an amber blinker, and a white DRL. No mods needed for this except a no-load flasher and the switchback bulb.

Lots of things going on. I cannot wait to get all of this installed. Hopefully the junkyard fans actually work. I didn't think to test them before installing them.
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