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Default Re: "Papa Smurf" - 1966 GMC 1500 Custom

I've been hard at work getting all the wiring put together. So far I have everything except my interior and my taillights wired up and ready to go. I even got my truck started today. I never got to hear it run when I installed the HEI last July because it caught fire before it ever cranked. Thankfully, the only smoke and fire that occurred today was from the backfiring in my carb (last time I installed the distributor, I put it in 180 out...woops). I couldn't let my truck run for long though. My brand new thermostat housing is cracked and leaking.

As far as wiring goes, the Painless kit really is simple to install. I swapped around a few wires to suit my needs then slapped it in some split tubing and ran it where it needed to go. After that it all fell into place. Keep in mind that the kit is made for Ch*vy and GMC. So some wires are missing, and some aren't used. Keep your original harness as reference and be ready to reuse/rebuild some parts of the original harness. Just as an example, I have to rebuild my heater and blower motor harness to reuse. I also have to splice my original gauge cluster harness into the Painless harness.

No pictures this time around. I don't really have anything interesting to show. Just wires and such. If you decide to do the Painless rewire and have questions, feel free to ask.

Last thing. I'm looking at replacing my coolant reservoir. Did our trucks even come with an overflow tank? My service manual mentions them but I don't recall that it showed what they looked like or where they were mounted under the hood.
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