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Default Re: "Papa Smurf" - 1966 GMC 1500 Custom

The first thing I did was clean the engine and address all the leaks.

The heater core was removed. I have to order a new core from LMC. The box was sanded and painted.

Valve cover gasket were changed, as well as the thermostat housing and gasket. A crack in the radiator was filled with lead.

Next, I bought a new steering gear and PS pump for a 1974 GMC C2500. To replace my drag link, I obtained a drag link from a 1979 GMC C3500 in the junkyard. If anyone is curious, 63-87 GMC/Chevy trucks have very similar drag links. They are somewhat interchangeable. Pitman arms are all the same to my knowledge, but the tie rods require some sort of conversion sleeve to work. Also, the idler arm will need to be relocated.

I completely gutted the power steering system. The pump was dead, the steering gear is extremely worn, the regulator on the drag link leaked, and the ram and all the hoses leaked. Instead of trying to rebuild this, I decided to do a power steering conversion. I bought the brackets and drilled the holes, but I haven't mounted the box yet because I ran into a problem. I tried to remove my steering shaft to cut and shorten it. In the removal process, all the bearings disintegrated. I'll buy a new tilt column later. Steering assembly is on the backburner until then.

In order to avoid the conversion sleeve/tierod problem, I decided to upgrade my front suspension....every...single...component.

I bought a "new" crossmember from AspenAutoAZ. I am currently in the process of cleaning it. It'll replace my current crossmember and allow me to use tubular control arms.

Next, I ordered 1979 GMC C2500 control arms (upper and lower), spindles, disc rotors and calipers, wheel bearings, etc. I plan on using my 66 shocks and coil springs. I have not installed any of these components yet. I believe that the brake hoses I have (1979 disc) should attach straight to the original brakes lines, but I have not had anyone confirm that yet. I still need to order a new master cylinder with a proportioning valve.

I'm debating replacing my brake lines with 1979 lines. But I think I'd have to replace my rear wheel cylinder with a similar year too. If anyone knows about brake line/hose compatibility, please let me know.
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