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Default Re: "Papa Smurf" - 1966 GMC 1500 Custom

Ha-Ha.... week or two before I left for college in August 1972, I repaired rust holes exactly where the holes are on your truck on Dad's '67 F250. Only took 5 years in the Rust Belt in the midwest to rust holes behind the frt wheels.
I agree with PAPA SMURF, more current vintage brake components you can use the better. I had several really rusty brake lines on my '96 F250 about 4 years ago. I had already replaced a rusted out power steering line and had replaced two rusted out fuel lines plus both braided stainless flex lines between the frame and engine. Replaced all the rubber hoses on top of the diesel engine in the "Valley of Death". Just replaced those hoses a second time last spring. Anyhow, I bought ALL brand new 304 stainless steel pre-bent brake lines from Classic Tube in Lancaster, New York. I hired a local one man shop with a lift to install them along with a new master cylinder, both frt calipers and both rear wheel cylinders. Anything touching brake fluid was new. Search on Classic Tube and they should come up 1st thing. Replacement vintage brake lines are their thing!
Good luck with your truck! You will like it even more with the Big V-6 in it!
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