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Default Re: Nick's old 61 4wd GMC Truck

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Hello everyone , my name is Nick and I am a new member...
I have a 1961 GMC four-wheel-drive truck.
The motor is a 305 a V6 that has been totally rebuilt by a race engine builder 20 years ago , it has sat without running since then .
Finally working on it to get it running again and finding out that that 61 305 a seems to be a rare Motor because some of the parts were exclusive to that year.
It seems that year was the only year they use the holly one barrel and also the only year that they use the Carter M3599 fuel pump , both of those items seem to be hard to find.
Questionnaires to are you smart mechanics is there alternative replacements to those two items ?


Greetings, Nick!

In my humble opinion, you would be money ahead and much better off with a Two Barrel Carb and intake manifold. That One Barrel carb and manifold setup would be like you trying to do hard work with only one lung.
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