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Default Re: Nick's old 61 4wd GMC Truck

Originally Posted by bigblockv6 View Post
You have a 305A with the 1bbl Holley it's not a one year only availability, tis engine was offered in 1960 through 1961 and midyear the 305D 2bbl version was introduced, the 1bbl version was just not adequate for these engines and it's been said many were converted to a 2bbl. my suggestion is get a 2bbl manifold and retrofit it with the Holley 500cfm 2bbl carb and Mr. Gasket #1937 adapter. As far as the Carter fuel pump, most likely the original pump was an AC fuel pump and replaced with the Carter during the rebuild.
Thank you very much for your knowledge and suggestions.
I will try to find a two barrel manifold and do some research on the AC fuel pump,in the meantime the motor does have the One barrel Holley that I rebuilt 30 years ago and I do have a rebuild kit for it and did finally find the Carter fuel pump and should have that in a week and it is also on the motor but it’s not functioning.
I’ve had this truck for 50 years and a anxious to get it on the road again.
Thank you very much for your knowledge and input.

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