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Default Re: 292 almost done

Love 292's.

Mine was all stock, except for a shaved head when it was found to be warped when I had the valves done, which gave it a little more compression, and I put on a straight-thru muffler. Also kept it well tuned. Had a lot of power and sounded sweet too. It also got surprisingly good gas mileage. This was in my '64 C-30.
Drove and owned many, but some of the more interesting ones were:

-'60 GMC 2500 Dump, 305 V-6
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-'62 GMC 6500 Flatbed Dump, 478 V-6
-'67 GMC 7500 Box, 6V-53 Detroit
-'71 GMC 9500 Flatbed Dump, 637 V-8
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