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Default Re: Blue Chip GMC 471 Start up

The township road commissioner I worked 2 summers for liked Austin-Western road graders, they made mechanical 4x4 and 6x6 graders, Detroit diesel powered with some brand of torque convertor drive in the early ones and power shift in the later ones. The late 1950's/early 1960's vintage Super 300 had a 4-53 Detroit. Spring of '74 they got the new latest and greatest model that replaced the Super 300, had a 4-71. Quite a jump in power between the two. They could not put a large enough muffler on the back of those things to quiet them down even a little. My primary job was to follow the grader while it scarafied oiled dirt roads with an ag tractor and heavy-duty rototiller to chew up the big chunks of oil & dirt. Not unusual for all six drive wheels to spin when scarafying. Those Detroits were really barking!
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