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Default Re: Won't start

With the old points back in, the engine would fire on what sounded like one cylinder but would not catch. Excessive cranking has flooded it. (gas smell very strong and carb is weeping at the seams.) I have to leave it sit for several hours and stay away from the choke. I am assuming that I initially must have had some wires crossed and didn't realize it. After I took them all off the cap and started over, it was worse than before as it would then only pop thru the carb and do nothing else. That is telling me that I have one (or more) cylinders firing when the intake valve is open. I believe that you have hit the nail on the head about not trusting the photo. I will take your advice and find #1 top dead center by feeling for compression at the spark plug hole, line up the timing marks and then see where the rotor is pointing. Dimes for dollars it wont be the 5 o'clock tower as indicated in the diagram. Hopefully I will be able to get back to this project tomorrow. I seem to have a whole lot more to do now that I'm retired. I'm very glad that this is only August and my old truck is only a snowplow.
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