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Default Re: '65 GMC 1500 project. From the Netherlands

She's coming along nicely.

Mentioned a solder repair would do the trick on the heater core... No sir. A local radiator shop soldered a new core on, which was about the same cost as purchasing a new one and having it shipped from the US. They did a nice job, which allowed me to put the heater back together, finally. Got the heater installed. Then the blower motor would only work at the highest speed. Replaced the blower motor resistor, works fine now.

Replaced the crusty heater hoses with new ones. I figured the elbow fitting on the coolant crossover was not original, so I took it out. Turns out it is original? Anyway, will probably add it at a later date.

AZKen helped me by sending new lock wafers to rebuild the original worn out locks. The package stayed about a month with the customs... I also had new keys made by a guy on Ebay. Very satisfied with the rebuilt locks, they work as they should now.

Finally started on the bed. Got the cross sills and new bedsides installed. Everything is looking good. Will have to square up the bed and do some rust repair on the wheel tubs. The tailgate will be installed soon also. Made a new wiring harness for the taillights, installed it also, with separate ground wires. I added the connectors in the harness as I'm not sure how I would have to install them otherwise, except for taking apart the taillight bezels with the pigtails. This modification is easier and user friendly.

The taillights did not work without a bypass ground wire to the cab, so I will install a separate ground wire from the bed to the chassis, and possibly from the cab to the chassis as well. I already suspected that ground would be an issue with the bed since I used pads from thin rubber between the chassis and cross sills to reduce noise and metal to metal contact.

The bed wood that I will be using is IPE. Very hard, durable hardwood that is usually used for flooring and decking. Read about it on a forum, others had success with it.
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