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Default Re: Speed Gems trans adapters V-12 and V-6

Whatever became of this adapter, & what were the applications the adapters would mate to? There are other adapters that work with these V6 engines as long as you use the GMC V6 bell housing, as the transmission side is identical to a ton of other GM manual transmissions. For automatic, not as much available to my knowledge at least, but I've been out of the loop on these trucks for a while. A 6L80 adapter and stand alone transmission ECU would be nice for someone wanting an automatic. Neither of my arms or legs are broken so I'm good driving manual indefinitely!

I was looking at running a two-wheel drive Jeep AMC/Mopar 4.0L I-6 / Dodge Dakota V6 Magnum 2wd AX-15 5-speed manual transmission behind mine whenever I swap the 305D for this 351C...
If I could find a GM NV4500, I would consider just running that instead since it would very likely just bolt directly to the bellhousing.
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