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Default Re: Project Blown 305

Ah, I wasn't sure. With some engines they leave them thick stock (older Chevy 283s and 352 FE fords) so you could overbore to the larger setup.

I would one to snag a 478 block/crank. Does anyone in northern Cali have one sitting around?

My goal is to put down as much torque as I can under 4500rpm. The Piston speed with the max stroke (ideally 5.18" with a 2.0" rod journal) 4500rpm is max.
It would produce a 644ci if I can use a 5.125" bore and 5.18" stroke.

I want to put a smack down on a lot of the big motors. This has the biggest architecture I've ever seen and 6 bolts per cylinder should allow for a good chunk of boost.

Maybe we can get these motors on the map!
Even hot rod didn't mention these on their forgotten motors article.

I wonder if we could locate that guy who built a modified one
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