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Default Re: Project Blown 305

Originally Posted by Cuttyman9 View Post
Ah, I wasn't sure. With some engines they leave them thick stock (older Chevy 283s and 352 FE fords) so you could overbore to the larger setup.

I would one to snag a 478 block/crank. Does anyone in northern Cali have one sitting around?

My goal is to put down as much torque as I can under 4500rpm. The Piston speed with the max stroke (ideally 5.18" with a 2.0" rod journal) 4500rpm is max.
It would produce a 644ci if I can use a 5.125" bore and 5.18" stroke.

I want to put a smack down on a lot of the big motors. This has the biggest architecture I've ever seen and 6 bolts per cylinder should allow for a good chunk of boost.

Maybe we can get these motors on the map!
Even hot rod didn't mention these on their forgotten motors article.

I wonder if we could locate that guy who built a modified one
I like your thinking. I have a plan for a similar build (naturally aspirated) in the near future. My plan is to "only" grind the crank down to BB Mopar rod size (2.375) and then build from there with custom pistons, cam, manifolds, induction, and the like.

Let me know when you start having valve train parts made, I would be willing to double your order which should get us a little better price (maybe).

Actually, if we could work together through the whole thing with identical setups (different cam grind and piston CR would be the only difference), we may be able to get a better price overall, and I wouldn't mind having more expertise than just I can provide.
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