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Default Re: Project Blown 305

Yeah I may be limited in what I can do with this thing but I'd like to know he maximum.

When I sort the rocker system I will definitely post updates.
I need to get a FE/BBB/BBM rockers to see what's similar enough.

Those 3 are relatively cheap to buy a set either eBay for Chinese ones or off summit and you can buy individuals of them which is nice.

Ideally I'd like to just upsize the shaft just enough to open the mounts up and move along with that as it's only .05" larger (.79 to .84 with I believe a mopar rocker)

The lifters are a bit trickier because the spots they sit are pretty filled in so it will take milling the spot between them down and pressing a bushing to match the diameter and make a link bar.

It may be easier to bush the hole, run some inexpensive standard mechanical lifters and a big cam
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