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Default Re: Nate's Micellaneous Vehicle Thread

No pictures are showing up for me on this one. Sounds like busy time though!
Strange. The photos were showing up on my phone and PC. But now they suddenly aren't. I'll be honest I'm not very good at tech stuff so idk what happened.

Thought I'd give a little update on the Mustang and the Saturn, plus introduce a new vehicle.

The Mustang's power steering is solved. I replaced two o-rings on the pump's pressure regulator and it stopped all leakage.

The Saturn ran into a problem. Here in Nevada, construction detours will occasionally take you down dirt roads. Following said detour, the Saturn hit a rock and punctured the oil pan (see pic). Slapped a junkyard one in it and it's good to go.

The new vehicle. A 1995 Toyota 4Runner with the 3.slow engine. We bought it as a "mechanics special" back in 2019. It had the notorious head gasket issue. We bought a wrecked 4Runner that had a new engine and performed a swap. The car was just a "spare" vehicle at that point because it needed some major suspension work. I recently tackled that job. I threw in a new wheel bearing, new tie rods, new control arm bushings, and new shock absorbers. The car still needs a few other things, but these components turned a pile of junk into a usable vehicle. Work will continue to turn this car into a daily driver for a family member.
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