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Default Re: Smoking (a lot)

"First hand experience? Nope. Insight? means intuition. If that is close to guess...I'm in!!!!!!!!!

Well, if he put the wrong stick in it, it's too long and would have to bend when it hits something. Anyway, what is an "I" 1000?
Another reason for high oil on stick is water in oil.
Check the plugs, compression test......broken /warn rings? Valve seats? It may be possible/real lucky, that he/you have the EGR/PCV type system plumbed wrong and some crazy thing is happening.
Any signs that he has removed head or anything? Fresh bolts somewhere? Freshly cleaned bolt heads or new gaskets?
If he overfilled it, it could need to burn off but overfill does not usually mean oil in cylinders, It means oil pump can't pump. damage to rotating parts.
Get the correct dip stick or get a measurement of the correct dip stick.
Take off oil fill cap while running and see how much blow-by comes out. Blow-by is an inside word that us mukanix use. It means smoke.

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