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Default Re: Positive camber... just remove the shims?

Originally Posted by James View Post
Your manual should show you a formula on getting the corrected caster angle.
You're right. There is a formula on the page prior to the chart. Didn't read it thoroughly enough I guess!

However, I'm starting to wonder if I am overthinking all of this. From what I have read both in my manual and online, the caster specifications are from 2.0 to 3.0. My caster is set to 2.1 on the driver side and 2.6 on the passenger side, which are both within specification. The truck rides very smoothly and doesn't steer too hard at all either (much easier than before the alignment, that's for sure). If I were to set my caster to 0.5, then the corresponding camber angle (based on the '63 shop manual) is -2.0... With modern radials on a typical car/light duty truck, don't you want the camber to be as close to 0 as possible to prevent inner and outer tread wear?

My mind is now a scrambled egg.

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