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Default Re: Ignition switch wiring help

Yep. Rubber grommets. Every time I have to do one I think there must be an easier way.

Update; There is a 66 Chevy project in my garage. When I saw the condition of the fuse panel in the GMC and didn't have any luck finding rebuild parts I decided to crawl in the Chevy and compare. The panels look alike.

Since I was out of town for a long weekend I didn't have a chance right away to go further. Monday I pulled the Chevy harness and sat down to pick thru and compare it to the 64 GMC diagram. At the core the 2 harnesses match. The 66 Chevy just had some extra wires added in.

Last night I pulled both harnesses apart and used the best stuff to build one for the GMC. I still have a few wires to repair before I can put her all back together but I am confident it's going to work out well. I'll let you know.

Thanks again for the advice.
And a special thanks for the diagram. I looked all over and couldn't find the right one.
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