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Default Re: 5 speed/o.d. swap comparisons - WC/S10 T5 hybrid, NV4500, A833 MY6, Tremec 3550 Mustang

Well it seems as if the A833 MY6 may be a better consideration after all. After researching a bit, it seems as if the only real difference between the standard A833 & the units they put behind 426 hemi's & 440 six packs was going to a 17t input shaft from a 23 if I recall that # correctly.

I read a review of a guy testing the waters on a $75 junkyard unit to see how tough it was. He put it in a 4000lb V8 Impala or Chevelle, did some drag launches that failed to hook up the tires (3.09 1st gear = mega torque / no traction), so he did the ultimate test that would always be sure to blow up several Muncie's he's had, holding the gas to the floor when shifting, resulting in 5000rpm shifts and chirping the tires in every gear, and the A833 MY6 survived quite well!

Also, this seems to be the same length as a Muncie, which if meant the same length as the Saginaw I have in mine, then I wouldn't have to have the drive shaft shortened whatsoever.

Only big drawback is that hard parts are tough to come by, only used... so running one of these for the long term would probably mean I would need to be scavenging junkyards to pull several of them to have gears/shafts parts available...
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