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Default Re: 5 speed/o.d. swap comparisons - WC/S10 T5 hybrid, NV4500, A833 MY6, Tremec 3550 Mustang

Also, the world Class T5 with S10 main shaft & tail/shifter would still only have a lowest first gear of the WC Camaro boxes at 2.95, where as the A833 would have more of a light truck 1st gear of 3.09. The t5 is close to that but not quite, and probably not as strong. Even if it were possible to swap some S10 gears into it for a deeper 1st, the gear ratio alone would reduce the power handling capacity of the t5, and the gears themselves may not be quite as strong.

5 gears & very very common parts would be nicer than 4 with a huge jump from 1st to 2nd, and lesser parts availability, but the my6 makes a very strong case... the t85n and it's scarce od solenoid parts I will save for the more purists amongst us.

Lastly, it seems as if the Jeep AX-15 is now quite the viable swap candidate, except that the 2nd versions are far less common. The Novak adapter plate to mount these to a GM bellhousing says it also works with the New Venture 3550. Is this the same trans, different name/application, or just similar? Is the NV3550 the basis for the Tremec TKO'S predecessor the Tremec 3550 that I mentioned?
A quick Google search said something to the effect that the AX15 was nearly the same as the model that Toyota uses in the Supra or something to that effect. This is definitely something to look into.

if it weren't for the electronic only speedo and integrated bell on the NV3500, that would be the obvious answer.the auto transmission adapter kit for our gmc v6 blocks may work to mate those and extend the crank the proper amount with an adapter, but at $995 + $1000+ tranny, might as well get a TKO.

The NV4500 has been on my mind for years to swap in, quite the brute, but the weight and the tow truck 1st gear made this overkill gmc v6 retrofit less of a consideration.
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