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I'm just getting to the sub-panel planning. It's a 125 amp panel, but was only going to put 100 amp breaker to it. I was JUST trying to figure if I would need a 30 amp circuit or not, and I DO plan on getting a plasma cutter.

Figuring on 15 for lights (14-2 wire), 2-20s for 2 diff wall socket circuits (12-2 David) and a separate 15 for the air compressor. That leaves a 30 and I'll go ahead and have it in and figure on running the wire once I figure out where it will go.

Speaking of ... I got all the lights mounted and wired up. Just have some temp power to it till I get the ditch dug for the 3-GWA feed. The picture is of a few of the lights as I was mounting them...there's a LOT more and it is plenty bright in there.

Thanks for the tips all...I'm learning as I go and good to have, at least, confirmation of it!
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