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Figured it was a good time for an update. Got a picture of the 'weathered in' building before I moved the carport next to it, then a shot after the carport was moved and another 20 ton of rock was put in to cover up the powered dirt on the lot. Of course, I immediately had to ruin that by digging the 3' deep ditch for laying the wire for the sub panel. You can see I did get it into the side of the shop, but still have to wire the sub and the main on either end. Hoping to get that done this weekend and have REAL power to it.

Only one car will end up in the carport but I still have to move a bunch of junk I bought for the shop out of the garage before the other one will fit back into it and it's already getting too warm to leave either one out of the shade.

I'll take some pictures of the interior for posterity but right now I'm so sick of it I don't want to look at it unless I'm inside working on it. I put up runs of bailing wire from end to end of the building, about 2.5' apart and am laying out radiant barrier across the wire, then stuffing batting insulation (r30) on top of the radiant barrier. Trying o make it look decent is probably the biggest headache of it...cutting around the can lights, etc. Of 6 6' wide sections of the building I am doing this way, I have ONE done in the last 3 days of working on it (sigh). Very tedious and I don't have much time before it gets too hot to work up there.

Oh yea, one other thing...neighbor down the street called me and wants to give me his engine hoist. He's had it for a year, was given to him by another neighbor cleaning out HIS garage of things he didn't use (I helped him push it to his house). He never used it, nor plans on it, so figured he'd pass it along now too. 3rd owner, never been used...hoping to stop that trend soon!
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