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Yes, I did it myself, but with advisement from a former professional. And my adviser was stricter than code (sigh). He suggested a 3' trench from the main to the building/sub panel, where code only requires 2', for example (what a difference 12 inches make in pain and suffering!).

Also, sounds like a big difference from what I'm doing to what you are looking to do though obviously. I'm running 100amp service to the shop and you just want some lights and an outlet.

David explained the right way to do it. You likely already have close to max outlets on the circuit you're trying to come off of from the house as it is. A new 20amp breaker in the box and burying the 12-2 'direct burial' wire really isn't that big of a deal, and not even much different then what you are talking about doing from your house outlet. In fact, using the 'direct burial' wire instead of the PVC probably offsets a fair amount of the effort and money differences in the two options.

I would never recommend (at least in writing

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) not getting a permit. However, I don't personally believe getting a permit makes anything ANY safer. All the inspections I've had so far have been somewhat interesting conversations about knowing the same people in the community, what my plans are for the building, the weather, etc., etc. Permits help fund the county government, but it's MY desire to do it right that makes it safe.
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