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Default Re: '65 GMC 1500 project. From the Netherlands

Here are some pictures of the mentioned repairs, such as the heater lever repair. See pictures.

Some other things:

Converted VW LT van front door checks into usable door checks for the GMC, since the originals were gone and are basically engineered to fail. These have the added bonus of having 2 extra detents for in tighter spaces.

Rebuilt the light switch and installed the dome light.

Finished the rest of the interior, such as the new glove box, wiper switch and inside mirror. Still waiting on some new parts such as the heater hose and the window seals, should have these Monday. Then I can finish the doors and final points of the interior. Also waiting on parts for the turn signal switch.

Repaired the bench seat, one seat bolt was missing the the caged nut on that side was missing also. Turned a new cages nut and welded it in. Also repaired the bench seat angle adjustment, which works like it should again.

Had the heater box pieces powdercoated, save for the cast zinc/Zamac piece, because of the expected warpage with higher temperature. I also had the squirrel cage powdercoated, which I regret because it threw the balance off. Going to rebalance it with a little setup.

Original blower rebuilt, soaked the bearings in oil, remade the little rivets that hold the bearing assembly etc. Runs good now.

Rebuilt the sliding window mechanisms, installed with new rivets and grease.

Still need to remove the gas tank as the plastic filler neck is cracked, have a new one from steel on order, will replace the hose also. Going to remove the gas tank to gain access behind there to fully rustproof the rear of the cab.

When that is all done, I can focus on getting the bed built up.
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