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Default Re: Rear Brake Drum 63-K1000

Here is my original post on this issue.

Hope this helps.
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I have two part numbers you can try for rear 6 lug brake drums. The first is a Wagner BD 60089. The second is Allsafe 2067 DGS.

I used the Allsafe from Autozone. It is for a later model (I think 67-72) truck with 4 wheel drive. It has fins on the outside unlike the original that is smooth. The only modification that I had to make was to drill the 6 lug holes from 1/2" to 9/16" so that the drum would fit on the shoulders on the rear lugs like the original. This drum had the right offset unlike the Chivy drums.

The Wagner was a number that I got from another member of the site. I haven't used that one, but was told it was a direct match to the original (a bit pricey, though is what I remember).

I hope this helps with those looking for rear 6 lug drums.


New Orleans
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