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Default Re: 478 toroflow flywheel

Good Morning Guys! I have been seeing the post but my problem with an answer is I have two Toro-Flows but both are not out of the units to look at the flywheel. One is in a truck and the other in a Uni. I do have a 401 out of a Uni but I am hesitant to comment from looking at it at the risk something might be different from your diesel.
My thoughts would be that I would first look to see if the pilot bearing needed for the transmission shaft can be inserted. I would then try to find if someone had a pressure plate of the type you want to use to measure the bolt pattern and see if it matches your flywheel. I will take a look at the 401 today or tomorrow to see if I think it will adapt. I am not sure I can get to the back of it right now without lifting it out of its place but I will try. My Massey 1100 with the 478 gas in it is in front of it. The tractor needs a new battery which I intend to get today because wood cutting season is here and I need it for the 20,000 winch on the back for skidding trees. Then I can move it out of the way of the 401. I know the drive coupler is still attached to it. I can then try to find a pressure plate that will work. Some 401 engines I have had the dual disc clutch assembly on them which is entirely different from a single. I will reply as soon as I can.
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