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Default Re: New HEI Distributor

Originally Posted by 1969_CM2590D View Post
Since my 305 developed a tendency to stall and usually had to run with the choke out some, I've ordered this heidizzy distributor as well s a factory reman Holley 500.

Watch this space on how it goes...

Buffalo, you brought up a resistor wire, and a GM style plug. Would you care to expand on that? I'm not sure what you are taking about/how it is involved in the HEI installation.

the resistor wire goes from the ignition switch to the coil in a points ignition. It only allows 9 volts so the points will survive. With an HEI you want a full 12 volts. Some people recommend a 10 gauge wire.
As far as a GM style plug I am guessing he means for the same wire we are speaking of and a tach lead. They are readily available from Summit, NAPA etc...
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