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Default Re: 1966 C1000 cab repair panels

I see you are new here. I don't know if you are new to patching or these trucks in general.
1. Most panels are made by China. Most vendors use the same Chinese supplier.
2. Most panels need tweaked slightly or a lot.
3. They are made from tooling that was designed from perfect examples to fit a perfect truck. All tooling gets worn.
4. They get packed tight for the long boat trip. Handled many times by many people and machinery. Which reshapes them.
5. Our trucks have many miles on them. Twisting, rolling, stretching, overloaded, heated and frozen.
6. Most have been in a collision or five and have repairs by all manner of owners and garages.
7. Some have had home made patches, welding, hammering and rube fixes.
8. If you are looking for an answer, there is none (see *). If you are looking for someone who's had the same experience. Everyone has.
9. Innovate, hammer, drill, cut, reshape, slit, cut in two.........make it work. You get better at it over time once you get over the shock of not fitting out of the box.
10. Sometimes during a fix like you are doing, the sequence is VERY important. Bracing is necessary. Sometimes the cab gets "released" "relaxed" when cuts are made. This will add to the patch fit problem. You may not notice that geometry has changed. Dimensions changed. The patch gets blamed. If you cut out the floor and inner and outer rocker and etc., all at once, you will definitely loose geometry.

Most patches are way closer to shape than you could make yourself and cheaper.

* Donor pieces will be better most times, albeit very hard to find someone willing to cut up a truck cab.

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