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Default Rear Brakes Dragging

Hey Guys,

Iíve got a GMC 63 half ton that is stock. Had it for a few years now. Took it to a shop a couple of years ago because I was having a hard time stopping. They replaced the front right shoes and wheel cylinder. At that time my pedal got hard but it stopped really good. I thought that was how it was supposed to be as I had never had non-power brakes.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have been chasing down an overheating issue. I checked the wheel temp after a hot drive and the back brakes were very hot. The fronts were not even warm. Identified that problem hopefully. I wrestled the drums off and replaced the shoes, wheel cylinder and drums for both brakes. I also checked the adjustment of the hand brake cable. The rears are still dragging.

So, is there a difference in the two wheel cylinders? I see that there are two available. I ordered both but replaced them with what was there. Could the wrong ones cause the issue? I have the star adjusters completely adjusted in. I am at whits end. Was I supposed to use GMC specific brake shoes that they donít make any more? Iím starting to humor deleting the hand brake as a possible solution but wanted to hear something sane since I am well aware of the dangers of getting rid of that on a single channel brake system.

Sorry for the novel. I was just trying to put as much info out there as possible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I actually use and enjoy this truck.
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