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Default Re: Rochester Dualjet Carb

Originally Posted by AZKen View Post
Like everything else on that motor, the WW was part of a design package. It is a 2bbl. Very fine carb. Rebuild it and use it. Anything else is opening up an unnecessary bag of worms. The motor can't use any more than 285 CFM. It's not made to spin up more than 3800 RPM. You can't chase speed of truck with carbs. You chase it with gear ratios. A carb handles good starting, good idling, good acceleration and brings motor up to cruise RPM. That's it.

If a person causes a motor to go beyond max RPM, they have breathed too much starting fluid and are crazy in the head.

You can't use performance in the traditional sense with a GMC 305 V6. It was built to torque and have extreme reliability.

I agree, AZKen.The only way I would put a Rochester 2BBL Carb on one of these engines is if the Carter WW is a total loss and not able to be rebuilt. Outside of that, your last statement very succinctly put would be that these Big Block V6's were built to be WORKHORSES, not RACEHORSES!

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