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Default Re: 292 clutch/trans help.

Originally Posted by Kerzy View Post
hey guys, i have a 1964 gmc 910 230, 4 on the floor, can i use the flywheel/ clutch/pressure plate/bell-houseing and transmission for my 1966 292 i picked up? I'm just wondering if the flywheel and everything behind it was the same for a 230 engine to a 292 engine. thanks.

Greetings Kerzy!

Flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and bell housing can all be used on the 292 I-6 engine. The Chevy I-6 engines were all pretty much interchangeable except for some internal engine parts. The only thing you will have to change is the engine mounting perch on the passenger side of your truck. The location of the engine motor mount boss on the passenger side of the 292 engine is different from that of the 230 engine. As for the 4 spd transmission, the SM420 was a standard issue transmission dating all the way back to the late 1940's.
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