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Default Re: Wiring rats nest

1. YEL- to flasher L
2. DBLU- RH front park/turn
3. WHT- Brake switch input
4. LBLU- LH front park/turn
5. Pink- LH rear turn/stop
6. VIO- RH rear turn/stop

The above matches 1963 Chevy wiring diagram and 1963 GMC diagram. There may be small changes made to 1966 wiring. But now you know what the switch operates so you can trace your truck wires to see where they go and hook them to the switch wires per my info. The colors may not match your truck wiring.
Looking at the wiring diagram that funky posted and assuming it is the same for 66 GMC and assuming your wire colors in the truck are original, I figure it would wire like this below:

To wire the 1963 Classic Parts switch 53-507 to your truck: (not 53-507A)

1. T/S switch YEL to truck VIO
2. T/S switch DBLU, LBLU and WHT......same as truck
3. T/S pink to truck YEL
4. T/S VIO to truck DGRN

You will have a black wire in the column for horn. It is DGRN on earlier trucks. Does not need to go thru T/S switch.
You may also have a gray wire for automatic transmission column indicator light. Does not need to go thru T/S switch.

Please be sure to check my info before energizing anything. To double check, check by function not color. I.E. tracing truck wires.

Other members may see it differently. So give it some time.

As I said, the NSS has been bypassed by twisting the two VIO together, that's why is starts.
The light green and dark green wires on the NSS are for the back up lamps.

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