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Default Re: 1965 Thunderbird

Thanks Fetch,

Yeah, definitely going to keep trying to improve on it. I want to eventually go back to stock wheels/caps. If it was a hot rod/modified, those wheels might fit it better but it's just an 'original' kind of mix right now and that may be part of the problem. Also want to get into a paint shop and see if I can get some of the imperfections fixed. The guy did a great job, but it's an amateur job for sure and I think some of it can be repaired.

A story board is a good idea too. I'll definitely have more of a story about the GMC than this one but never hurts to add info.

I'm going to keep going either way. It's just funer than heck to be there and be part of one after so many years of just going to em. I'll update if I ever get a trophy

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