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Default Smoking (a lot)

I recently bought a '66 I1000 with a 250 at an auction. Yesterday was the first day I got it running. It had been garaged for the last 6 months. The owner died and his wife could share very little about it.

It smokes...a lot. It appears to be a blue smoke, but smells gassy to me. It smokes up the entire neighborhood when I start it. Yesterday after letting it run for a while the smoke seemed to dissipate a little, although adding any throttle made it smoke like a chimney again. Today it is smoking like crazy at idle, but I didn't let it warm up much. I'm wondering how much I can smoke up my neighborhood before the neighbors grab their pitchforks. It's pretty bad.

I'm wondering if you all think this much smoke could be caused by a bad PCV, or overfilling the oil. I changed the oil before I even tried to run it and replaced with 5 quarts of fresh oil. However, the dipstick reads that the engine is *way* overfilled. I questioned it, but chalked it up to the previous owner replacing the dipstick with an incorrect one. I don't know how it could be so overfilled otherwise, as 5 quarts seems to be the correct quantity.

I'm trying to determine whether this is a small, cheap issue like overfilling oil, bad PCV, or whether the engine is junk. I can try removing the PCV valve and hose and run it that way for a while, but if that's the problem I don't know how long it will take to burn the oil that's already in the exhaust.

Hoping you all have some first-hand experience with this. Thanks for your insight.
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