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Originally Posted by FetchMeAPepsi View Post
I've toyed with the idea of putting marine spar varnish on Cecilia's wood when I get it in, but like all coatings that show the grain it doesn't last well.

One place did a test and found that since our trucks had black painted wood to begin with, a coating of Por 15 and a topcoat of black outdoor paint was the absolute best, longest lasting thing you could do.

I just don't see why they can't make a see-through varnish that holds up and still shows the wood grain. It's 2018 after all. We can preserve blueberries for 25 years or more and keep them edible. We should be able to preserve wood for at least that long!
Rub the Blueberries into the wood. It will look fine for 25 years. Actually, I suggest a catalyzing dock stain product called "One Time Wood". It worked out great for me. I have Bald Cypress, and it has not grayed at all. It is guaranteed in full sun for 7 years. It shows grain great,but only comes in satin/matte. 100 bucks a gallon too. Stinks to high heaven until it is fully catalyzed in the sun for a month. But it beats all the other products I have seen folks try. Worth looking at at least, GM.
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