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Default Jethro's 1964 I1000

It's kinda strange how this truck story began. It all started because I got the idea that I wanted to get a different vehicle. Thought maybe a V6 car. Save some gas. A Mustang would be cool.

Checked all the local classifieds. Nothing interesting. Facebook marketplace seems to be where everything is nowadays. I'm on there every day for a couple weeks searching 94-04 Mustangs. Not finding the right one but this ad for a 64 GMC keeps popping up.

The first time I just skimmed past it. Cool truck. I've owned a couple Chevys that style. Looking for a Mustang.

The ad keeps showing up. After a few times I had to click on it and look at the pics. A couple more and I read the description. A couple more and I had to drive 300 miles to go buy it...

Drove the truck home. No dash lights. Burning a quart of oil every 30 miles. Leaking fuel pump. Mostly interstate. At night. "They might be right. I may be crazy."
Got her home in the wee hours May 1st.

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