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Default Re: Jethro's 1964 I1000

Boy, that sure sounded easy!
Well, it wasn't. I ran into one thing after another but got er done.

For one thing, the carb linkage was all different on the 230 and that carb wasn't in great shape either. I had already ordered a rebuild kit for the first carb so went with that.
The only problem is I'm not a great carb guy by any means. It still leaked after I rebuilt it. So I ordered a rebuilt one.

When I went to swap the alternator in I found the front bracket was bent in and the alternator housing had a bunch ground off where the pivot bolt goes. There was no adjustment.
Lucky for me I have extra parts. I swapped in an internal regulator style and rewired accordingly. Addressed a couple other wiring issues while I was in there.

Got the engine compartment cleaned up quite a bit too.

The rebuilt carb I ordered arrived and I was less than elated. One of the top screws wasn't even tightened to touching. When I installed it fuel leaked at the inlet fitting. I had to use my old fitting to fix it. Other than that the carb works good now.

I like the way the internal regulator cleaned up the wiring. Should I have fuses in those hot wires tho? I'm thinking I should do that.

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