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Default Re: Jethro's 1964 I1000

I had some Amazon gift cards and decided to spend em on a HEI distributor. Got it installed and the fuel pump started to leak. Had to change that out before I could even get it started to set the timing.
Remember, the one I already changed was on the 250. Lucky I had the first one I ordered for a 230.

Had a heck of a time even getting her started at all. The only way it would run was at 18 degrees advanced initial and not good then. I accidentally discovered that if I pushed the distributor toward the front of the truck the idle would speed up and she'd smooth out. Still couldn't get the timing right.
Thought maybe poor grounds?

So I grounded the frame, engine and cab real good. Didn't help the HEI. Put the old points distributor back in and got er running great.
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